My Asiatique

Dhiraj and Ekaterina decided to bring together their impressions of travel and tastings of national dishes in distant countries by creating My Asiatique restaurant. The difficult time of the pandemic and worldwide quarantine did not stop them, and the restaurant opened its doors in November 2020. A mix of the four most popular destinations was carefully put together in one menu: India, Japan, China and Thailand became the basis of the concept.

During the preparation for the launch of My Asiatique, we jointly selected new flavor combinations, adapted authentic dishes, and came up with an interesting presentation. The chef, kitchen team, as well as the management were selected in India, but their arrival had to be postponed until the travel restrictions were lifted. So the restaurant initially opened with the help of Tandoor chef and cooks. 

In My Asiatique, the main idea is the immersion of guests in a peaceful, relaxing atmosphere in the middle of a busy city by day and a light pre-party format in the evening. Each interior detail reminds of former travels and makes you dream of upcoming ones. Including the gastronomic ones. So we focused on national cuisine and eastern hospitality with a high level of service.