Tandoor Indian Restaurant opened on the corner of Admiralteiskiy and Voznesenskiy Avenue in 1994. The couple bought a business in 2009, to give life to the idea of what an authentic Indian  restaurant should be like in Saint-Petersburg. Being frequent guests of Tandoor, they understood the great potential of the restaurant. So when they became owners, they used all  previous experience in the realm of hospitality, to bring it closer to the ideal. Today Tandoor is a landmark place in Saint Petersburg for every connoisseur of Indian cuisine and culture.

Every day Ekaterina and Dhiraj work to improve the level of service, polish the menu, and follow every detail:

“We bring rice and spices from India to follow traditional recipes, and we approach choosing our team members even more seriously. Who can make an Indian dish better than an Indian chef? Therefore we handpick cooks, waiters and managers in India and invite them to join our team. There’s nothing to control in the kitchen: the process of magical creation of dishes happens with strict adherence to technology and the use of products of the highest quality. In the hall, the guests are surrounded by managers and waiters who always suggest the right dish, help choose the level of spiciness and explain how food is traditionally served in India. Hospitality is in the blood of Indians. You don’t have to teach it”.